A Poll About Revolution

I’d really like to gauge where my reader’s minds are on this topic.  Based on the thread from yesterday, there’s a lot of varying opinion about this.  I figure a lot of readers are probably reluctant to join in the conversation, but might we willing to answer a poll.  Select as many thing as you agree with.  Leave unchecked items that you don’t really agree with.  I’m always curious what my readers think about certain topics.


12 Responses to “A Poll About Revolution”

  1. RAH says:

    Not bad but it left things off.

    Like if forced entry to confiscate guns would you offer armed resistance?

    If in a natural disaster would you refuse to be disarmed?

    If national registry occurred, would you voluntary comply?

    If national registration would you hide your guns?

    IF fellow citizens were getting shot resisting their guns being confiscated would you then
    take actions to revolt?

    Would you take passive resistance if registration were mandatory?

  2. Jim W says:

    I agree that any sort of forced entry results in shots fired. If someone kicks in the door, they aren’t there to talk, so why should I repel them with only harsh language? Most door kickings these days are still done by criminals, so I will assume as much.

    I also agree that massive non-compliance at the registration phase is a very likely scenario. The only reason the feds have as much information as they do is because of the FFL system. Speaking of which, why is McCain so opposed to private party transfers? Doesn’t he realize how such a system will enable future anti-gun administrations to track down gun owners?

  3. ATL says:

    The issue of revolution is a thorny one. If you went 13 years into the past from 1776 you would have found most colonists content and happy with Britain. Yet, over a 13 year period Britain turned from being a benevolent monarchy to a tyrannical despot. During that period of time were many acts that were done (one in which involved British soldiers firing on an unruly crowd- The men were cleared but the dye was cast.)Revolutions are never pretty little wars. They are typically desperate struggles that involve a tremendous amount of bloodshed and loss. People that throw around the word typically do not understand all that it entails.

  4. Weer'd Beard says:

    Forced entry for me isn’t on the same page. Somebody kicks my door down, they’re getting shot, weather they’re dressed in gang colors, or Police Blue. This is not because of a need for revolution, just there are enugh gangs and criminals now that do home invasion under the guise of Police.

    There is no justifiable reason for police to serch my home in such a way, so a B&E I will naturally assume its NOT the cops.

    I was of a mind that if the Mass Gun Registry turns into a confiscation list I’d allow myself to be Martered with hopes that the powers-that-be would understand the gravity of the situation…..but now post Heller, I’d just get a recipt and call my lawyer, and aim to get back DOUBLE what my collection is worth, if not more.

  5. Jason The Saj says:

    I think it needs a few more choices:

    > A revolution is needed, preferably a peaceful one working thru the system. But if that fails to happen…it will likely lead to a messier revolution.

    > If they start coming to collect them, we’ll hand them over – one bullet at a time.

  6. Violence should always be the last resort, but it should not be off the table. Otherwise, we’d still be British subjects.

    However, if Obama’s Civilian National Security Force comes into existence, I can see a civil war breaking out. A good chunk of American isn’t ready for our own brownshirts.

  7. DE says:

    I think we’re already in the beginning stage of a revolution, and by the looks of things (the presidential candidates from the two major parties), it won’t be too long before it steps up another notch.

    “… The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”
    Thomas Jefferson

  8. Mad Saint Jack says:

    The first rule of the Revolution is: don’t talk about the Revolution on the internet. The second rule of the Revolution is: don’t talk about the Revolution on the internet.

  9. acanback says:

    We have a revolution every 2, 4, and 6 years. Its called voting. Unfortunatly we have very few good ones to vote for.

  10. Santee says:

    Registration is already fact in some places, and actually de facto all over since FFLs paperwork is at hand for any governmental agency that asks for it. Private transactions or older firearms are not registered for the most part. Confiscation would be the flame point rather than registration, although that is what federal registration would ultimately lead to. But I would fight tooth and nail, politically, against registration.

  11. Saladman says:

    “The time to begin thinking about revolution is now, because the political process is a lost cause.”

    I thought briefly about checking this before leaving it blank. I don’t think the political process is a lost cause at all, but I do believe the time to think about revolution is now. Everlasting Phelps made a point here( (I think before the current contreversy) about the cannibal paradox, that people delay the unthinkable so long that they’re past the point of no return when they break down and they starve even after resorting to cannibalism.

    And he makes the same point about revolution. By the time polite company is willing to have the discussion, there may be no way back.

    I see a real chance of gun culture recruitment plus exploiting Heller plus political pressure (over and above NRA’s standard to date) getting us everything we want, but if it doesn’t, I think we need people gaming scenarios out, now.

  12. Hey Jim W, let’s jump start your brain if we can:

    If the black-suited Nazis come to kick in your door and you shoot back they will in all likelihood kill you, your family if they get in the way, and the newswhores will ‘report’ to a willing sheeplic(that’s sheeple for public) that another extremist who was threatening truth justice and the Amerikan way was taken out by our brave boys in blue today.

    No one will care that you died. No one will care that they killed your kids. The sheeple will get to feel ‘safer’ without having to think about it or act.

    Massive non-compliance could be a good thing. It may be making a difference in Canada where even some provinces refused to enforce the Canadian “Liberal” scum’ registration scheme. But the “Liberal” scum still won’t kill it. It’s just another excuse to tax the sheeple for the multi-billion boondoggle.

    But the last part is what is most frustrating to long-time patriots. Of course McCommie realizes what the result of banning private party transfers will be. How can someone be so stupid as to not realize how arrogant and evil McCain is? But millions of republicrats apparently are.

    Gun Owners of America on John McCommie: