NRA Response on Contact Form

I got a response from NRA regarding the member form:

Per this post:, let me both thank you and apologize. In reading this, I went back to double check the functionality of this ILA web form only to find there is a problem with it delivering e-mail to us. We had no reason to suspect a problem as the web form used by the PVF site was functioning fine, and we were receiving a steady stream of direct e-mails to ILA.

Just so you and others who usually contact NRA for legislative and political matters are aware, the direct (and recommended) ILA e-mail address is

Please feel to share with other interested (and aggrieved) parties, and again, my thanks and apologies.

That was from Glen Caroline, Director of NRA-ILA Grassroots, who was kind enough to come talk to us at the Gun Blogger Rendezvous in Reno last October. Hopefully this problem will get fixed shortly.

9 thoughts on “NRA Response on Contact Form”

  1. Well, I sent them two emails yesterday, after you posted this. One was my request for NRA’s support of the effort to block the Sullivan confirmation, and the other was a suggestion that they put maximum effort into “Gun-free zone liability” type laws.

    Haven’t gotten a reply to the Sullivan one yet, but have already gotten one (albeit generic and noncommittal–all that I would expect at this point) to the other.

    Glad the email works.

  2. Actually, as I was posting the previous comment, I got both a reply to the Sullivan request (again, generic and noncommittal), and a bit more detail on the idea of pushing for “Gun-free zone liability” type laws:

    Thank you. I have passed your suggestions to our Georgia State Liaision.

  3. Dear Sebastian,

    Thanks for doing this. I will go and again put in my request that NRA oppose the Sullivan nomination.

    Have a Happy New Year,


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