8 thoughts on ““Musket Loophole” in Chicago”

  1. You might have a DNS caching issue. I had to move my blog to blogspot due to hacking incidents. I got tired of keeping moveabletype up to date.

    I’m actually in the process of porting all of my postings over.

    I made use of blogspots feature to map my domain name and perhaps I don’t have my DNS entry correct.

  2. Let’s see here, if NYC claims it can regulate what is done by their residents outside the city, what is to keep my small city from saying what I can do outside it and in theirs?

    Not a damn thing using NYC’s approach. So perhaps, we all should encourage the towns, cities and hamlets we live in to pass regs allowing us to carry in NYC and negating all NYC’s regs for citizens not of residence there.

    Why the Hell not? NYC has apparently established the precedent, now we should demand they live with it.

  3. Well, it’s not like the fed.gov ever restricts ownership or possession of personal property outside of the US… Oh, wait, they do. Bad precedent, perhaps.

    And it’s not like the NYC.gov tried to enforce their laws in another jurisdiction by use of private individuals… (At least in that case, the other jurisdiction is going after Hizzoner as a private individual, since it’s clearly NOT the role of the mayor of NYC to enforce NYC gun regs in Georgia)

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