Sam Rohrer on the PICS Outage

I agree with Rep. Rohrer on this part here:

“As House Republican Game and Fisheries Committee Chairman, I have yet to see any convincing reason for Pennsylvania gun owners and hunters to preclude the logical conclusion that this procedure is anything other than poorly planned, routine maintenance as reluctantly acknowledged by both the Rendell administration and the state police,” said Rohrer. “However, I am deeply concerned about the potential and irrevocable damage that this short-notice, PICS shutdown will have on reputable firearm dealers, especially family-owned gun shops, during one of the single busiest retail seasons of the year.”

I agree with his assessment that this was never a conspiracy to screw gun owners on the part of Rendell. I would be surprised, in fact, if his office even knew about it until the complaints starting rolling in.  I am no fan of our Governor, but I’m not prepared to blame him for instigating this in order to stick it to Pennsylvania Sportsmen.

Read the whole release.  I continue to wish that Rep. Rohrer represented my district.  Pretty clearly he is a friend of Pennsylvania gun owners.