Clay Birds May Now Fear Me

I went to Pistol People today to pick up the Citori I bought from Red’s Trading Post, as a screw you to Jesse Jackson, The Rainbow PUSH Coalition and The Brady Campaign because of their very pathetic August 28th events.

I can’t wait to get it out to the range and break some clays. Sadly, that won’t be for a little bit, since I have other things to deal with in the short term. Our club has Monday night trap shoots, which I’m going to start participating in, once I brush up on my shooting a bit.

2 Responses to “Clay Birds May Now Fear Me”

  1. countertop says:


    how much did it set you back?

    Bring it down, your more than welcome to crush clays with me at the Izaak Walton league (and since you live more than 100 miles away, there is no charge for you to use our range)

  2. Sebastian says:

    700 bucks for the gun. 20 bucks for the shipping from Red’s. 30 bucks at the local FFL. 750 in total.

    I will have to take you up on that :)