Department of Education SWAT Raid

Uncle notes that now we know what the short barreled shotguns they ordered were for. Tam thinks this is indefensible.  Dave Hardy notes “[F]rom the list of matters to be seized it sounds as if they suspected her of getting student loans without being enrolled at a college. OK, send out a squad car and knock on the door.”

If a federal agency has a SWAT team, they are going to end up using it to justify its existence. I’ve long believed that there’s too much federal law enforcement, and it should all be consolidated under either the FBI or US Marshall’s service (since they’ve been around longer). It would be a huge cost savings, and you don’t have to worry nearly as much about the left hand not talking to the right hand.

6 thoughts on “Department of Education SWAT Raid”

  1. I think the idea to consolidate under the FBI or USMS is a good one. You could throw in the Secret Service since they deal with counterfeiting, etc.

    I doubt any of the above agencies would have felt the need to come in with a SWAT team.

  2. Coming up next: Sanitation SWAT team raids local man after local man failed to separate trashes from recyclables.

  3. Most Executive Departments and Agencies have their own Inspector General’s office. Even the mundane sounding ones. The Inspector General’s office is a mix of auditors and criminal investigators. The Criminal Investigators are sworn Federal law enforcement agents. Generally they investigate fraud, embezzlement, misappropriation of funds, that kind of thing.

  4. Markie Marxist sez: “But we have to have the federal government do everything with SWAT teams! Uhhh . . . because it’s the federal government! And uhhh . . . it’s more dignified! And dramatic too! We have to justify all those tax dollars we take in. Uniformed cops with squad cars are like small town stuff! We can’t have our mighty Marxist/warrior/hero/federal government agents looking like that! It doesn’t look expensive enough! People would start thinking that they shouldn’t be paying so much in federal taxes, and that’s just not common communist sense! We need to increase taxes, not reduce them. That’s common communist sense.”
    “And what’s all this fuss about short-barreled shotguns for education officials? They’re the most effective weapons there are in indoor situations. Every one of our Marxist/warrior/hero/government agents should have one, at taxpayer’s expense. There’s nothing wrong with them unless they’re owned by private gun owners. Then they’re a public safety issue, a threat to the community, a health hazard, a global warming issue and a serious crime! Private citizens have no reason whatsoever to own such things! They’re totally useless for private gun owners!”

  5. “If a federal agency has a SWAT team, they are going to end up using it to justify its existence.”

    I think that’s the truth behind all these “No Knock Raids” being done all over the country, also the Umbrella scare in Mass recently.

    I think the departments and the officers like having and participating in these units, so they abuse them to justify their existence.

  6. They pass the gun free school BS to supposedly keep guns away from schools, but the Department of Education has guns and it’s own SWAT Team?

    Anyone else see the Hypocrisy there?

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