I Love Reasoned DiscourseTM

Heh, apparently I endorse terrorists now.  And they wonder why so few these days are taking their arguments seriously.

7 Responses to “I Love Reasoned DiscourseTM

  1. thirdpower says:

    Pretty much. With our wingnuts, we make it a point to give them the non-respect they deserve. The Anti’s hold theirs up as examples to follow.

  2. Jadegold says:

    Indeed, as InstaCracker might say.

    The fact is many in the gun lobby are members of–or sympathizers with–various extremist groups. I’m sure you’ve heard of Larry Pratt

  3. Sebastian says:

    Yes, I have. There’s a reason I’m not a member of Larry’s group.

  4. thirdpower says:

    How nice. Jade has to make racist comments now. I guess a couple = “many” in anti lexicon now. That’s a nice little ad hominem you’ve got their Jade. Keep posting. You’re doing our work for us.

  5. SayUncle says:

    “Where Sebastian? Where are the nut cases on our side?”

    Dude own a mirror? We’re talking about a guy whose ISP booted him for trolling.

  6. Clint says:

    After reading the various cross-links, I felt I should comment as a more or less passive observer of the 2nd Amendment battles. I was hoping to come up with a profound statement to summarize the conflict Sebastian has brought to the spotlight of examination. My first thought is: the monkey’s flinging pooh.

    However, I would encourage you, Sebastian, to continue the real “reasoned discourse” to which you contribute. I appreciate your efforts to keep us unified as a true activists’ “community.” Likewise, I praise your efforts to remain unconfrontational when addressing the gun grabbers. You are a great example of the difference between “assertive” and “aggressive.” Your civility speaks volumes about your character. You even refer to your fellow gun owners as “family.” Your approach is spot on. I commend you and am proud to have you as one of our represenatives.

    Your summary of the real fight being to win over “Suzie Soccer Mom” is indeed where the real battle lies. Suzie likely doesn’t dig it when the monkey flings pooh. Contrawise, civility and proper demeanor shows Suzie who the true champion is.

    You gave the monkey his 15 minutes of fame. Personally, I’d drop him like a hot potato now. Just my 2 cents…

  7. Sebastian says:

    Believe me, I would like to drop him like a hot potato, but there is what you mentioned, about civility. That is important to me.

    There’s also the inner beast in every blogger…. the traffic whore, who knows that controversy brings traffic :)

    There’s no such thing as bad publicity.


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