Now He Has to Come to Louisville in 2008

SayUncle says he’ll join the NRA.   I hope he’ll join us in Louisville next year.   I had a great time last year, and it was a lot of fun to get to meet other bloggers like Sam and Denise, Dave Hardy, Dave Kopel, Michael Bane, and Cam Edwards, in addition to some other great minds of the gun rights movement like Steve Halbrook and Robert Cottrol.    Plus it’s one of the only places you’ll get to do things like talk with exhibition shooter Tom Knapp about the crappy weather as you’re heading from the hotel to the exhibition floor.

It’s a good time.  If you’re an NRA member, you should try to make it to at least one convention sometime.

6 thoughts on “Now He Has to Come to Louisville in 2008”

  1. Actually, I’m planning on attending the Louisville con.

    L-ville is a much more accessible place for me than St. Louis, plus Kentucky honors my Indiana permit.

  2. Hmmmm. It’s in Lou-a-vull? I may go. I was born there, moved back and lived there during the 80s. I’ll check the NRA site and see where it is.

  3. Does Kentucky recognize PA licenses? If not, I still have my Indiana CHL (but would that be illegal, since I’m no longer an Indiana resident?)

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