We Appreciate the Help of All the Daves

This year for the Blog Bash, we tried to organize an event called “Drinkin’ with the Daves,” where we got together for drinks with fellow bloggers Dave Hardy and Dave Kopel, who in addition to being bloggers, also happen to be some of the great minds of the movement, and excellent conversationalists:

Dave Kopel, Dave Adams and Bitter

Dave Hardy couldn’t make it the same day as Dave Kopel, so we had to do a separate brunch event I dubbed “Ham and Eggs with Hardy,” but it turns out Dave Adams, Legislative Chairman and Blogger for the Virginia Association, was able to make it, so we appreciate his help in saving the title of our event, in addition to Dave Kopel and Dave Hardy for making time for us in the first place.

One thought on “We Appreciate the Help of All the Daves”

  1. Was David E. Young there?

    I got to talk with him in Louisville, and Dave Kopel… it was awesome.

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