Goodbye Reno

I fly out today at 2:30.  First is breakfast with the remaining crowd, then I’ll be getting ready to leave.  Hopefully the TSA and the airline knows the difference between fired brass and ammunition, or they might make me dump the lot of 6.8 SPC brass I have that’s not in the original case.

I had a really fantastic time here.  Those of you who didn’t come are losers.   I’ll be blogging more about the GBR later, but for now I just want everyone to know we have a great bunch of guys out there who are the bloggers we all know and read.  Every one of them, to a man (or woman), are really nice people who are a lot of fun to be around.  I hope you’ll all come out here and join us next year.

The rest of the day will be mostly travel, but I’ve enlisted the help of Ahab over at Call me Ahab to keep you all from getting bored.

9 thoughts on “Goodbye Reno”

  1. Did the brass get through ok and are you buying the upper? I couldn’t part with the cash without approval from the Finance Ministry. :-(

  2. Sebastian still hasn’t corrected the insult to his girlfriend… Soon it will be the winter of his discontent.

  3. People that didn’t attend are losers–in the sense that they lost out on a great time–not that they as a person are a loser.

    My wife and I spent a lot of time with Sebastian and he had a lot of nice things to say about Bitter and he wanted her to be there with him.

  4. Unfortunately, I had somewhat extenuating circumstances as well. That said, I am absolutely planning on making it next year (assuming you all have it in about the same place, at about the same time… projecting my schedule is a pain in just about everything).

  5. Joe sums it up, those who were unable to attend missed out on a great time with some truly amazing people. “Scary Smart” as Larry Weeks called them.

    In January I will start working on the preparations for next year’s GBR. At the moment there are no plans to make any changes in timing or location. I will be looking at ways to make some improvements, while sticking to the basic plan.

    …….. Mr. C.

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