Packin’ in Louisville

Normally, NRA conventions are in convention facilities that prohibit firearms, but not this year.

One of Louisville’s biggest conventions, the National Rifle Association, begins Friday May 16th with most events at the fairgrounds.  The NRA is advising its members to feel free to bring along their own firearms if they are so inclined.  And apparently even to a speech by the republican presidential candidate John McCain.

So McCain called off the Secret Service.  He is either a man of great faith in NRA members and lawful gun owners, or a man of great faith in kevlar. But seriously, if McCain is trying to woo gun owners, he’s making all the right moves so far.

UPDATE: Argh!  Might be a reporter error.  I’m awaiting further clarification.

UPDATE: It was a reporter mess up.  You can carry at the convention center, but it’s unknown as to McCain’s security plans.  My advice is to expect security at the event.

UPDATE: Dave Hardy advises caution about carrying at the convention.

19 thoughts on “Packin’ in Louisville”

  1. Now, is that a fact or speculation?

    I’m wondering if the reporter is making this assumption

    NRA Convention Center – You can carry
    McCain will be there at some point
    Therefore you can carry while McCain is there.

  2. In case that’s not clear enough, is it like saying

    You can Conceal Carry in Florida
    The Courthouses are in Florida
    Therefore you can carry in Courthouses

    Which is false, but doesn’t negate the fact I can conceal in Florida.

  3. As far asMcCain is concerned, I still remember that he made a political ad to “close the gn show loophole” that was shown in theaters.

  4. I remember it too, but I’m always open for the possibility of redemption, especially in politics. So some degree I care less about what a politician really thinks, than who he knows he is beholden too politically. McCain knows he can’t win without the gun vote. He wants to keep that part of the Republican coalition happy, and he seems to know he needs to make amends.

  5. I thought we already established that McCain had huge stones. I’m not aware of him wearing kevlar. He simply isn’t afraid of being assassinated.

  6. I think a better indication of where McCain’s heart lies on guns is his stand AGAINST the AWB back in 1994 when voting for gun control was considered the cool thing to do. Being against the AWB is certainly more than Bush ever did for us.

    I see McCain’s lapses as being due to being misled. I think as long he surrounds himself with wise counselors (and judging from his judicial advisory panel, he has) we should be in very good condition re the 2nd amendment.

  7. Not necessarily. There are two federal cases pending challenging McCain’s eligibilty for office.

  8. I’d call that quite a long shot. Even if McCain was invalidated, do you think the party would pick Ron Paul? It’ll be Romney if McCain got invalidated.

  9. I carried at the Texas Library Association meeting in the Dallas Convention Center last month…there were no posted 30.06 signs saying I couldn’t, so I did.

    There was a 30.06 sign at the Sixth Floor Museum, though, so I had to disarm myself (put my piece in the trunk of my car) to go in. If only a sign banning Mannlicher-Carcano Rifles had been there in 1963…((then of course nothing would’ve changed…)). The Dallas Museum of Art doesn’t have a 30.06 sign, but the Sixth Floor Museum does. Go figure.

    (30.06 is the part of the Texas code that prohibits carry even of CHL holders for specifically designated locations with the legally required signage — if the sign’s not legal, you can blow it off, though if someone challenges you and verbally asks you to leave, you must comply. My local UPS warehouse has a b&w drawing of a revolver with a “no” circle-slash superimposed over it; but it’s not a legal 30.06 sign so I happily carry when I’m going there to pick up parcels).

  10. You wouldn’t be able to carry there if the Secret Service establishes a “Constitutional Rights Free” Zone, which is their specialty.

  11. According the NRA Annul Meeting Website:

    Kentucky recognizes valid concealed carry permits from all states. Permits must be carried on your person and shown to law enforcement upon request.


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