Sylvester Stallone is a Hypocrite

From Dave Hardy:

Sylvester Stallone, a Brady Campaign stalwart, who’s said “”until America, door to door, takes every handgun, this is what you’re gonna have… It really is pathetic… We’re livin’ in the Dark Ages over there,” turns out to have a CCW permit, issued by the celebrity-loving LA County Sheriff.

Oh, and listing four handguns that he will be packing.

California has a discretionary permit system that the Brady Campaign upholds as a model for the nation. It’s always been the case that in these types of systems, the powerful and connected can get licenses to protect themselves, while the ordinary folk are left hung out to dry. As much as I might agree with the no issue systems of Chicago and Wisconsin, they are at least honest; no one gets a license, period. In the states, such as New Jersey, California, New York, and Massachusetts, the gun permits have become political patronage.

Anyone who takes Sly Stallone’s views on the gun issue seriously at this point is a fool.

UPDATE: Sigvald made the point that these statements were years ago. This is true, but this was a year ago. It’s a 2006 Brady event where Sly was in attendance. This would have been after he was issued a concealed weapons permit, so you have to wonder if he was packing to the event.

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  1. “As much as I might agree with the no issue systems of Chicago and Wisconsin, they are at least honest; no one gets a license, period.”

    Well that is not strictly accurate. Chicago Alderman and, apparently, the Mayor can carry concealed handguns (a weapon that their constitutents cannot even legally own in their homes).

  2. Does Stallone look “puffier” than he used to? I was rather shocked when I saw him on a late night talk show.

  3. Well, as a permit holder in MA I can tell you it is not political since I am conservative and to put it mildly the liberals are running things here and hate us. . . . Permits here are even worse than political. It is totally dependent on you Police Chief. Now I happen to live in a town which has a great chief that believes in the Second Amendment as far as I can tell and he issues permits if you have a clean record. I have had no problems getting my permits renewed but I have a clean record too. . .. I have no problem with that and we probably all agree that a gun owner should have a clean record. . . . Other towns are not so lucky and they have a Chief who decided that no one gets a permit. and that is it. The law of the land here says that it is up to the chief to decide if you are fit to have a license. If he/she does not want guns in town you are out of luck.

    They also can deny based on your record and that is sometimes a problem as to how far back they want to dig. you may have gotten in a fight in high school 30+ years ago and the next time you go to RENEW a permit you will be denied for the old assault charge even though you have done nothing since then and had a permit to carry for years. . .

    I am not saying Mass isn’t a mess but it is all about your chief in town and how he feels about folks owing guns. . . .

  4. Every time I hear about the stupidity associated with Kalifornistan concealed carry permits, I just get spun up all over again. Down here in Mexi… er… San Diego, you either have to be best buddies with the Sheriff, have contributed considerably to his campaign funds, or own a high value business like a jewelry store or something. I have heard about instances where people who carry absurdly large amounts of cash around apply for a permit, and while the permit is issued to them, the Sheriff has gone out of his way to write on it that it is only valid when more than $X is being carried by the person in question.

    Regardless, you have to love pure-bred hypocrisy, especially when they serve it up to you on a silver platter like that.

  5. I should point out that Stallone said the stupid things he said nine years ago.

    He might well have simply changed his mind about private ownership of guns. That doesn’t make him a hypocrite, it makes him a convert.

    Hypocrisy on his part will be revealed if he makes comments or motions against private ownership of firearms now. That he did so nearly a decade ago doesn’t tell us much about his being a hypocrite or not.

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