Calling out Craig’s Hypocrisy

The NGLTF is calling out Senator Craig for his hypocrisy, which I think is only appropriate, but I do think the are going a bit far here:

“And by the way, why are Minneapolis tax dollars being used to have plainclothes police officers lurking idly in airport restroom stalls?”

Because people complained about lewd acts occurring in them. I won’t complain about NGLTF calling out Craig for hypocrisy, he deserves that, but let’s not go so far as to defend sex in public places. If I’m in an airport bathroom, and some guy starts peeping into my stall, and making hand gestures, then gets into the stall next to me, and starts with a “wide stance” that involves his foot and/or hand in my stall, you can bet it’s going to make me a little uncomfortable. I don’t think it helps build tolerance of gays to suggest that the police shouldn’t be investigating reports of lewd acts in public restrooms.

Hat Tip to Clayton Cramer.

4 thoughts on “Calling out Craig’s Hypocrisy”

  1. Yes, but what kind of cop chooses hanging out in men’s rooms looking for a zipper job as an assignment?

  2. I know all too well about public restroom sex, being that is how I came out of the closet when I could not get into bars. It is to my being in the “know” that Mr. Craig would be the one “blowing”. Old men just do not fare well when it comes to that, because no decent looking dude is going to blow that old fart.

  3. I think the question being submitted here isn’t in defence of publicly illicit acts, I think it’s more so along the interrogation of the proper and appropriate application of law enforcement. Something tells me there are other things that could keep law enforcement officials occupied without the potential for acts of discrimination toward subsets within the ‘actors’.

    Everybody fucks, find something else to occupy your time instead of targeting an already discriminated community instead of superfluously “enforcing the law.”

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