Sam Rohrer Gearing up for Guv Run

Just received this via e-mail:

I want to personally invite you to a special Townhall on Tuesday, November 17 at the Spring Township Fire Department, 2301 Monroe Avenue in West Lawn, PA.  I’m organizing this forum to announce the decision on the race for governor, and begin a statewide conversation about the challenges and real opportunities facing Pennsylvania.

I’m going to guess that’s going to be an announcement that he’s running. I like Representative Rohrer, but as I’ve said, it’s without historical precedent for a state rep to make the leap to Governor. He’s a champion of limited government, and for that I admire him, but he’s going up against Attorney General Tom Corbett, who’s a proven winner in a statewide race, and Jim Gerlach, who is a U.S. Congressman, and has proven repeatedly he can win very tough elections in a swing district.

I’d much rather support Sam Rohrer for a higher office like State Senator, Auditor General, or some other state wide office. I suspect Rep. Rohrer is just trying to get his name out there, and get some of his ideas into the debate. That’s good. I will lend support to his candidacy. But it’s quite a long shot, and at the end of the day we can’t afford another 8 years of the same kind of things we’ve seen with Governor Ed.

2 thoughts on “Sam Rohrer Gearing up for Guv Run”

  1. In today’s political climate, I would not count Rohrer out of the race. If there is anything that the tea-party/9-12 groups hate, it is an “annointing” process. Corbett has been announted by the powerful in the party…the same folks that annointed the last attorney general who ran – Mike Fisher.

    Don’t make the same mistake again. Sam can win.

  2. Yes, he can. I was at his Town Hall meeting tonight, where he announced his candidacy, and let me tell you first hand, it was incredible. I believe with my whole heart that Sam will be our next Governor! If you want to protect your consititutional rights, you need to vote for Sam Rohrer in May’s primary.

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