Gun Control in the New Jersey Senate

So far a lot of non-specific posturing. Hopefully they will go in a different direction that doesn’t mirror the Assembly’s attempt to essentially destroy gun ownership in the Garden State once and for all.

4 Responses to “Gun Control in the New Jersey Senate”

  1. Ryan says:

    A lot of that isn’t really a change from the status quo over here. Of course, the status quo is still more than a little insulting. It sounds like they may do away with the separate permit to purchase a handgun in addition to the Firearms ID card, that would be a nice change, but I wouldn’t be shocked if the whole thing ends up invalidating current ID cards if they institute a training requirement. To think a year ago I was starting to daydream about CCW….

  2. Bram says:

    They could “confiscate motor vehicles used to illegally transport guns.” So if I stop at the gas station on the way to the range, I lose my guns, my car, my freedom, my job, and my family is screwed.

    Other than that, these sound like improvements to the current rules in NJ – unless they require a new permit for every rifle or handgun.

  3. Ian Argent says:

    How do they expect to get a hold of the no fly list? I thought it was double secret?

  4. Ian Argent says:

    Establish an electronic system of instant background checks for gun retailers, combining the separate permits for handguns and hunting weapons into one…
    Probably one of the best things to happen to the NJ gun culture in my lifetime – this would blow out the bureaucratic nightmare of the permit to purchase system that makes it tedious and difficult to obtain handguns legally. I really can’t emphasize how much the current “wait for a while” system depresses legal firearms ownership in this state. And the blurb makes it sound like you don’t even get your DL endorsed, the FFL just looks you up by DL/ID number.

    Photograph on ID: Neutral to insignificant if it’s your DL

    Safety training: Negative, but I can live with it if safety training is, say, an NRA-sponsored course or a hunter’s safety course.

    Require valid firearms ID for ammo – essentially already the case since you need it to buy handgun ammo – undefined by statute; most retailers require the FPID for all ammo

    Ban the Barrett .50 – negative from a PR perspective, but if all they’re doing is adding to the “naughty by name” list, not a big deal practically. Wait and see

    Making no-fly victims prohibited: WTF? How are they getting the info? Very likely to be struck by the courts, I’d think, since there is no due process to being on it. Also, I don’t think the states can get at this data

    The rest of it is making illegal things more illegal, basically, except for the forfeiture of automobile. That’s really crappy, but, practically, they can initiate forfeiture proceedings already with a well-trained dog.

    I’m not going to break out in a joyful noise yet, I want to see the actual bill, but this is actually overall an improvement as described