Civil Rights Victory in New Jersey

Evan Nappen is reporting a win in Court in New Jersey. You can see the case here. The police removed the firearms permit of a man for being a habitual drunkard. Despite seeking treatment, and having recovered from his addiction, they refused to re-issue him a permit. The Court in this case appears to have dodged the Second Amendment question, and reached a verdict based on the trial court improperly denying the man the ability to present evidence as to his recovery.

For quite some time the branches of government in New Jersey responsible for enforcing the state’s gun laws have routinely not followed them, and have generally been arbitrary and abusive in regards to gun owners. The courts in the Garden State previously have taken little interest in putting a stop to it, not only allowing the abuses to continue, but adding their own string of abuses and usurpations.

This is an indication that may be changing, if only so they can dispose of the case without addressing the Second Amendment implications. This can only go on for so long. In other words, the courts in New Jersey can try to run, but they can’t hide. Justice will come.

4 thoughts on “Civil Rights Victory in New Jersey”

  1. I’ve always predicted that the way you would know we are really winning is when courts kept letting us win on some other theory.


  2. “The Court in this case appears to have dodged the Second Amendment question”

    There will never be any hope for Jersey gun owners and those in Jersey who support our gun rights until the courts are forced to face the true intent and meaning of the Second Amendment.

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