Fort Dix Six Were to Train in Pennsylvania

Check out page 9 and 10 on the affidavit:

DUKA told CW-2 that the DUKAs go target shooting with firearms, but cannot go to regular gun ranges becausenone of them are legal residents of the United States. DRITAN DUKA showed CW-2 a video on DRITAN DUKA’s cell phone which depicted individuals shooting firearms. DRITAN DUKA stated that this activity took place in Pennsylvania.

I’m wondering where? We certainly have enough private land in the state that people could use to shoot. There are also PGC public ranges, which are quite often, especially in rural parts of the state, unused for the better part of a day. This would seem risky though, as they are regularly patrolled by game wardens, and I can promise you, anybody shouting “Allah Akbar!” at any PA gun range in earshot of another shooter is going to get the police called on them.

SHNEWER specifically named the United State Army base at Fort Fix, New Jersey and a nearby United States Navy base. SHNEWER explained that they could utilize siz or seven juhadists to attack and kill at least one hundred soliders by using rocket-propelled grenades (“RPGs”) or other weapons. SHNEWER further explained that they could train for the attack in Pennsylvania.

Shnewer was quoted as saying, “There is a nice area where we can train … in Pennsylvania … It is two hours away from here.” Shooters in Pennsylvania need to be vigilant about this stuff. Use your local public ranges. Watch for suspicious activity. I think these guys probably would have set off alarm bells to anyone who came across them “training”. If you’re unsure about someone on the range, call a Game Warden.  Also we must monitor the media response. Once the anti-gun crowd learns of this, they are going to be quick to blame Pennsylvania’s “weak” gun laws.

Hat tip to Clayton Cramer

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