Applying for a Permit in Maryland

Looks like New Jovian Thunderbolt is going to give it a try. I’ve been wondering whether the summary judgement has made all of Maryland shall-issue, or whether that gets put on hold until appeal. I guess we’ll find out. Be nice if we could get some court mandated reciprocity too :)

8 thoughts on “Applying for a Permit in Maryland”

  1. It depends upon the courts granting a stay, which to my limited legal knowledge, is not common when something is ruled unconstitutional.

    I read an article today that said the MSP will not be issuing any new permits that would not be approved if they wanted to invoke the good a proper reason clause until they receive guidance from the courts.

  2. As a current Maryland resident that was born in PA I was all excited about the prospect of being able to carry again… maybe. I looked at the process and my god it’s so convoluted and expensive. Made me miss PA even more.

    1. I’m sure we can find room for ya here somewheres if you decide to move back to PA!

    2. Hell, I live in PA now, and even states like Florida, Arizona, and Texas all seem almost as convoluted as MD.

  3. I expect that we will see a maximum of bureaucratic foot dragging from the State Police and legal delaying maneuvers from the State AG. The Court of Special Appeals (our highest court in MD) has said will take a unequivocal Supreme Court decision to force compliance with the Second Amendment in Maryland.

    Maryland does not recognize out of state carry permits and most likely will not until forced by Congress or the Supreme Court.

    1. Document every step, and remember, you aren’t an “aggrieved gun rights activist” you’re just a normal guy trying to follow the law to protect yourself and your loved ones while being stymied by an unnecessarily complex, hostile, and confusing bureaucracy.

      Embrace your inner Emily Miller and restrain your inner Larry Pratt, it’s more sympathetic to the undecided. =)

      Good luck!

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