I’ve Always Wondered Too

Arizona Rifleman wonders why commie bloc ammo smells so bad.  I’ve always figured it was the priming compound they use.  I’ve noticed that even with .22 ammo, there’s a difference in smell between, say, federal, and anything that is Eley primed.  Could be the powder, but even the cheap Eley primed Mexican ammo smells this way.

3 thoughts on “I’ve Always Wondered Too”

  1. Off hand I’d say their mixture was skewed with or added filler, probably with sulfur. Used whatever was available or had the most of…

    I know American .22 ammo has done it in the past to a lesser degree, doesn’t take much to push out a .22 slug at reasonable velocity. Although it is odd to hear a pop instead of a crack when you pull the trigger.

  2. Federal, CCI, Winchester and Eley .22 LR are all pretty distinctive. I am pretty sure I could tell the difference from smell alone.

    I think powder used makes a difference, and how cleanly does or does not burn.

  3. Nah, it’s the low grade processing and impurities in their nitrates. It’s why the stuff smells like dries out horse piss.

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