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  1. Yes they have. Unknowingly but nevertheless it has been done. Crime rates of strict gun control cities have been compared with other more enlightened cities. If you look at the list, you will find the majority of sanctuary cities are either strict gun control cities or pursuing routes for home rule, such as Denver, Co. so they may preempt more freedom oriented state law. Philly is trying this now.

    These are also the cities that are blaming gun mfgrs., owners, and dealers in other states or locales for their problems in order to deflect blame from themselves for making self defense next to impossible for the law abiding while giving sanctuary to criminals. An illegal alien is a criminal even if he never commits another illegal act, so I am not being harsh calling them criminals. Sanctuary cities protect from the law many criminals who want nothing more than a chance to earn a decent honest (irony intended) living, unfortunately because they are illegal in the hundreds of thousands they make for much camouflage and cover for the violent hard core criminals amongst them. When given sanctuary there is no way then sort them out.

    Ergo, we get Chicago, NYC, D.C., Boston, etc. blaming states hundreds of miles away for their crime problems, while not explaining why the more 2A friendly states don’t have the same crime problems in the same or worse ratio, despite the relative ease of gun purchase and carry, even though those state being blamed are also chock full of illegal aliens.

    The “liberal” (I use it in the perjorative) cities create themselves a problem by declaring they are sanctuaries for criminals and will protect them from federal and state law. Then they compound the problem by disarming the population of their cities so they may not resist the “protected” criminal who is of a more vicious intent than most of the illegal community he hides in.

    So yeah, the studies have been done, they just haven’t been looked at yet through this lens for what more they can tell us.

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