Looks like they caught Officer Chuck Cassidy’s killer:

Two days after the shooting, John Lewis had the audacity to appear in court for an unrelated drug possession case. Knowing full well that he just murdered a police officer, Lewis still appeared in court, surrounded by fellow officers. We did not know at the time that he was Chuck’s killer.

Chuck’s service weapon was recovered yesterday in his Lewis’ cousin’s residence on Fairhill Street. During his questioning, the cousin admitted he helped get Lewis flee the city by driving him to a bus station, and Lewis escaped to Miami, Florida.

I’m hoping the cousin is facing charges as well.  I can’t believe he was stupid/arrogant enough to appear in court after the shooting.

2 thoughts on “Apprehended”

  1. It’s really no big deal. You guys repay any debt every day you’re out there. More than a few gun bloggers come from law enforcement families. I come from a family of firefighters — I was the dead beat — even my sister signed up. I feel an obligation to lend support, and am glad to do it.

    Glad you caught the bastard.

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