Steve Bailey Attacks SAF

Davethea, guest blogging for Uncle, points out that Steve Bailey has written an a column attacking the SAF. I’ll be honest, Bitter and I looked at SAF’s tax returns long before Steve Bailey did, and concluded there was a lot of questionable activity going on there, including the things Bailey is looking at. It’s questionable in the sense that I’m concerned about how my donations are being spent, but not questionable in the sense that it’s unlawful, which is what I think Bailey is trying to imply. I think Alan does a lot of good things with the organization, but I don’t give nearly as much as I used to.

But that’s really not here, nor there. This wasn’t ever about Alan Gottlieb, and we really don’t want to get into a pissing match where we just dig up dirt on each other. This is about whether or not Steve Bailey was a party to a straw man purchase at a New Hampshire gun show. As I stated previously, after looking at the facts we have available to us, I think the answer is no, he didn’t. But Bailey, rather than getting to know the law, and defending himself with facts, has chosen to fling poo. That’s all I need to know about this guy, and his integrity.

3 thoughts on “Steve Bailey Attacks SAF”

  1. It’s amazing how Bailey, when confronted with criticism of his actions, chooses to attack the integrity of another individual rather than defend his own actions.

  2. I’m going to somewhat disagree with you, Gary.

    I also find it interesting that Bailey wants to attack rather than address the real issue – did he purposely try to violate federal laws and expect to get off without an investigation/accountability because he’s a reporter?

    However, I don’t see the problem in him bringing information about the Gottlieb empire of gun groups to the public. There are some curious things in those tax records. Because he’s claiming tax exempt status, you’re welcome to look at them, too.

    If you ever want to look at any other strange happenings, take a look at GOA’s and their association with other groups that Pratt is pushing that have nothing to do with gun issues. I’m not saying that gun people can’t have other opinions, but when they start crossing paths to the point of showing up on each group’s tax returns, I’m uncomfortable.

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