False Flag Operation?

SayUncle points to another potential false flag operation.  A quick look at the TRCP, and I don’t think that this is another AHSA, meaning, I don’t think this is a group that intended to push gun control, and founded by anti-gunners.

It would appear this group is funded largely by the unions, probably in order to weaken NRA, yes, but not because TRCP necessarily want gun control, but because the NRA supports Republicans, who are anti-union, more than Democrats.

This is a group to keep an eye on, because, as I’ve said before, a weak NRA mean disaster for our cause.  Whether that weakness from because of groups like AHSA or TRCP is of little matter.  You can bet TRCP will steer away from the gun issue if it’s not something that will affect hunters.  If they are successful at stripping away NRA members, particularly in states where unions are still somewhat relevant, like Pennsylvania, it could be the best thing CeaseFire Pennsylvania or the Brady Campaign could ask for.

4 thoughts on “False Flag Operation?”

  1. I find it very amusing that the TRCP would push democrat candidates, given that TR was a republican.

  2. In the meantime, the NRA has alienated a lot of its membership by pushing and supporting 2640.

  3. It has, but thats largely because the media took the Brady line that was gun control and ran with it. GOA peddling a lot of bullshit didn’t help either.

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