Feeling the Heat?

Yesterday I posted that I agreed with David Codrea that calling for the ATF to investigate Steve Bailey was taking things a bit too far. I will stand by the assertion that he should not actually be brought up on federal charges, but I will most definitely relish in the sweet, sweet, poetic justice.

Hey, Mr. Bailey, the ATF doesn’t care that you’re not a criminal. They have no problem wasting our tax dollars and their time harassing ordinary law abiding people and businessmen. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think you should go to jail, because I don’t think what you did ought to be against the law. But instead of insulting us, maybe you can wake up and smell the coffee, and admit that perhaps we have a point in our opposition to these laws?

UPDATE: I’m retracting my retractions about whether he took the gun with him or not. This guy is a liar, one way or another, so I feel no need to worry about whether I’m getting my story right. He didn’t, why should I bother?