4 thoughts on “Mayor Daley Praises NRA Fundraising Effort”

  1. I would have paid more than $250 to the dumb sod who brought that AR 15, that’s for damn sure. Someone should stake out the drop-off points with a bundle of cash, a guns digest price book, and a bunch of locking cases. I have a feeling there were some really nice old guns among the crappy pot metal revolvers.

  2. You could do that at a Philly buyback, no problem (well, for the AR, handguns no). At a Chicago buyback, they could arrest you as soon as the gun changed hands.

  3. Well, technically it was the ISRA but anywhoo. I’m wondering how many actual gang-bangers turned in their guns in comparison to people just finding them in their homes and turning them in. Or, in reverse, how many gang-bangers just conveiniently got rid of evidence linking them to a murder or other crime?Like the AR, that semi-AK w/ the underfolding stock was worth way more than $250.

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