Mayor Daley on Guns

Mayor Daley is out, once again, to bring Chicago style Gun Laws to a state near you, presumably because they haven’t done anything to reduce violence in Chicago.

“When you look at other countries, only 20 here 15 killed here,” Mayor Richard M. Daley observed. “30,000 people here. Unbelievable.”

What he’s not telling you is that the vast majority of those 30,000 people were suicides.

The mayor said he’ll soon appoint a commission to target gun laws and gun makers.

Gun makers that reside in the lower portion of his state, and live in towns that depend on that industry.   I notice the Mayor nor this article make any mention of the death threats against gun shop owner John Riggio by a catholic priest speaking at Jackson’s rally.

4 thoughts on “Mayor Daley on Guns”

  1. Mayor Daley w/ his armed security and demands that Il gun owners justify to him why we should own firearms. All the while his people are being indicted for fraud, bribery, embezzlement, et al. Just goes to show, they’ll keep the meme’s no matter how untruthful they are.

  2. On behalf of Illinois, I offer apologies to the rest of the states. We just can’t seem to get a muzzle on this little weasel.

  3. Easy there, Dave.

    Just because it’s kind of funny, and popped to mind immediately when Don said it, doesn’t make it a good idea to say. Next thing you know, Daley will claim comments like that as further justification for the need to disarm us all (and doubly-arm his bodyguards.).

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