“Guilty of the worst kind of political posturing”

So says The Allentown Morning Call, in regards to Rep English and Peterson’s efforts to prevent tolling on I-80.   Political posturing?  I can’t help but notice that I-80 runs mostly through counties that didn’t vote all that heavily for Ed Rendell or the Democrats.

3 thoughts on ““Guilty of the worst kind of political posturing””

  1. But do we really want more federal government involvement in state affairs? Of course, it’s still a problem that the state is doing this without the approval of the people most affected.

  2. This is actually something the federal government has legitimate power over. Tolls can be an impediment to interstate commerce, and even under an original understanding of the clause, Congress has the power to tell a state it can’t toll goods and people moving through the state.

    In this case, in particular, it only hinges on federal money being used to construct tolls. But I think Congress could come in and just say no to the whole idea with the justification that it interferes with interstate commerce.

    I’m a federalist, not an anti-federalist, so I don’t think states should reign supreme. There is a legitimate role for the federal government laid out in our constitution, and while they quite often exceed it, this wouldn’t be one of those areas.

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