String of Armed Robberies in Center County

My fellow Pennsylvanians… can you explain to me how in rural county, in a state where 1 out of every 10 adults is licensed to carry a firearm how this guy hasn’t been scraped off a floor yet?   This guy seems to have a penchant for robbing chain pizza joints.  I’d be willing to bet that’s not entirely coincidental, as they are more likely to be staffed by unarmed pimply teenagers.  Hell, even in Philly robbing a mom and pop pizza joint is pretty likely to end with the robber dead on the floor.

5 thoughts on “String of Armed Robberies in Center County”

  1. Well, considering that several of the incidents have happened in State College, and that anyone related to the university is effectively disarmed if they’re squeamish about their job or education, I’d venture to guess that the 1 in 10 ratio doesn’t quite hold. And if it does, most of the people with licenses aren’t actually packing. Then of course there’s the typical police advice–“If somebody were to see a robbery in progress, dial 911. Don’t try to interfere, just be a witness.” Yeah right. Because dialing 911 works so well when someone is standing in front of you with a gun.

  2. They probably target the chain pizza joints because if they target the local homes/farms/stores they will get shot. Rural PA is not friendly to thieves.

  3. I wonder if it is even the same guy. There might be more than one who thought they might as well get in on the action, as long as nothing is happening to them.

  4. Probably an ex pizza chain employee who is aware that all of them have a no guns policy for employees. Can’t say that for moms and pops, can you?

  5. Technically, those robberies didn’t happen in State College, but my township (Patton). Note that the robber targeted stores with strict no firearms policies. He essentially went down the street — those stores are all within two blocks. They’re also right at the intersection of Atherton and Cherry, which due to not only the angle of the intersection but the steep incline, is difficult to maneuver at reasonable speeds. The robber escaped up Cherry.

    It’s pretty rare that we have much crime in the summer, since nearly all the crime in Happy Valley is near or on campus, when students are here. As a result, we don’t have much police presence, so it’s not surprising that there were no cops around. There never are. It has people fairly shaken up.

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