Weekend Plans

I’ve arrived in Northern Virginia.  Spent the better part of the day getting my car fixed.  Had to take a day off work, unfortunately, once I realized it was going to be a while.  Bitter is entertaining some folks from work this weekend, and David Hardy is in town, so we’re going to try to meet up with him.

But you know, I’m here pretty much every other weekend.  Any of you Brady folks visiting today ever want to get together for a drink, since you guys are DC based, and all, just leave a comment.  I’ll even meet you in The District, which is sadly much less safe than Fairfax County, but you don’t have to worry about sitting next to a bunch of strapped gun bloggers :)  We’re the kind of people who obey gun control laws, you know.

9 Responses to “Weekend Plans”

  1. Sebastian,

    Head on out to the Dulles Expo Center for the big gun show this weekend! Enjoy!

  2. Sebastian says:

    I just might have to do that! Maybe I’ll run into Macca!

  3. thirdpower says:

    Make sure to take pictures of all the “No Questions Asked” dealers w/ dozens of firearms available.

  4. straightarrow says:

    While you’re there see if you can get me one of those stinger missile thingies that I hear so much about, and an M1 Abrams and one of those fully automatic salt rifles. I never put enough salt in anything I cook, according to my wife. and one of those bullet sprayers, by the way, what do they spray the bullets with? I hope it’s wax,so they’ll have a pretty shine. That makes them real scary when firing from the hip, looks just like a stream of p— uh, you know.

    But please, please, be careful of all the muslim terrorists, convicted felons, and armed forces of third world countries that are paying hundreds and hundreds of dollars for fake AK-47’s because they don’t want to buy in the rest of the world for $50 dollars each. I think they must work on the same system as our Congress, don’t you? I mean, after all if they don’t spend all they have and still not acquire enough benefit for it, they have their appropriations cut.

    So please watch your step.

    Oh yeah, I could really use a BAR,( no, not the Browning Automatic Rifle) because there just isn’t enough whiskey in the house to help me reconcile all this horseshit with reality. But I know I must, because all those Brady people damnDems wouldn’t lie.

  5. Sebastian says:

    I’ll pick you up a Davy Crockett straightarrow. I hear ever gun show in Virginia has one.

  6. Ian Argent says:

    Now I’m wondering how many replicas you could sell to people. I mean, Franklin Mint etc make a (no pun intended) mint off of replica crap like this.

  7. Matt says:

    Hey Sebastian/Bitter,

    If you happen to be at the Dulles Expo center for the gun show tomorrow and you happen to see a fellow in jeans and a white shirt with the Discovery Channel logo on it, feel free to give a tap on my shoulder and say hello.

    Have a good weekend.

  8. Sebastian says:

    If we make it… sure. We’re having lunch with Dave Hardy tomorrow at noon, so I don’t know how much time will be left in the rest of the day before I have to go back to Pennsylvania.

  9. straightarrow says:

    I’ll pick you up a Davy Crockett straightarrow. I hear ever gun show in Virginia has one.

    Ok, but I ain’t wearin’ no damn coonskin cap.