One thought on “Wow!”

  1. I learned about the Brady blog from Say Uncle and had come to follow it daily. It was obvious that the pro-gun side held every debate well in hand while the anti-gun side resorted almost exclusively to strawman, red herring and ad-hominem attacks – a sure sign of defeat in most any debate.

    While a few of the pro-Brady posters showed a lack of maturity and debating abilty, I’m sure there are some in higher positions with better deduction that recognized that the blog was not suiting their agenda. To close the blog with no explanation was likely their only recourse. That macca “knows but won’t tell” supports such a notion. If it were a technical issue such as bandwidth or lack of some other resource, certainly he would be quick to explain.

    It is interesting that they would come to Snowflakes in Hell. I have been reading here for several months and Sebastian (can I call you Sebastian?) keeps a very neat house. It is my hope that the new guests will not put their shoes up on the furniture too much. It must be quite a compliment that posters from such a high profile site as the Brady Campaign would now devote their energies here. My guess is that they won’t stay long. They are not under the same obligation to defend on the “gun-nut’s” site as they were on the most prominent anti-gun organization’s blog. I do not remeber seeing the “Snowflakes Sebastian” post there but with the other pro-gun “Sebastian” being also prominent on the blogs, it is sometimes difficult to tell.

    Never has there been such an unlimited “free press” as the internet. The abilty to confirm, disprove or discredit information with no more than a Google search has revolutionized our communication and as such will continue to put an end to the half-truths and lies of those who would seek to destroy our civil and Constitutional liberties.

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