Best Questions

I’m sorely disappointed that CNN didn’t pick a single one of Steven Green’s questions to the Democratic contenders. Go check them out.

UPDATE: Also check out his drunk blogging. My favorite bits:

5:52pm We’re in a dead spot, so I’m going to throw one more question out there that I’d like to ask. “It’s 9/11/2001. Airplanes have just flown into buildings, killing thousands. What do you do? Do you take command? Or do you sing ‘God Bless America’ on the Capitol steps, then spend the next six years bitching about the guy who’s trying to do something about it?”

6:06pm Earlier, a fistfight broke out between Kucinich and Ron Paul, over who got the bottle of medication. It now seems obvious that, whoever the winner was, Gravel stole the bottle from him.

6:50pm I don’t want to be mean, or at least not unnecessarily mean. But if a guy shaped liked Richardson wants to bitch about diabetes, then I get to preach about the wonders of sobriety.

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