Flying Sucks

So, it seems that I will be delayed a good bit getting out of Reno.  Fortunately, their airport has free WiFi.  By some fortunate circumstance, my flight from Dallas to Philly is delayed by the same amount.   I will still make my connection, but I won’t be getting into Philly until hella late.

TSA check-in with the firearms went without a hitch.  The airline dude even had the unloaded firearms declaration out without me even saying anything.  Apparently booze counts as a flammable liquid if it’s over 80 proof.  That makes my Captain’s Spiced bottle fine for flying, but apparently 151 proof would be treated like gasoline.  I can understand that though.

Clearly Jadegold will use this as evidence of dangerous gun play by having my bottle of Captain Morgan in the same luggage hold as my rifle.  They could get quite a party going on in there.

20 thoughts on “Flying Sucks”

  1. Not a problem.

    If you check the truck beds of most pickups at a shooting range you’ll find lots of beer can empties and empty pint bottles.

  2. As I’ve said before, flying with guns is the best kept secret out there. Just make sure you know the rules, and the process is a breeze and gets you through security and lines in a jiffy.

    As far as guns and the Captain, add some cigars and now we are talking.

  3. Well there goes Jade again,
    With my club & many I have visited I only once saw beer cans on the club grounds, both persons involved lost their memberships.

  4. Yes well we all know what kind of expert JadeGold is.

    By the way, Jade, if you’re reading this:
    I asked a question on your blog about a week ago, any chance you could answer me?

  5. If you check the truck beds of most pickups at a shooting range you’ll find lots of beer can empties and empty pint bottles.

    Like you’ve ever been to a shooting range in your life…

    Around here, we call what you just did “Making Stuff Up”, and we call the people that do it “Liars”.

  6. Even when I lived in southern Mississippi (like right-on-the-Gulf-southern) and shot at an outdoor range that catered to just about any size or shape of firearm, and where you just showed up, unlocked the gate with the key they gave you in return for your dues, and locked up when you left… Even then, I never once saw any alcohol nor any empty bottles/cans at the range, nor in the vehicles I saw there. Suffice to say, I have never seen such a thing here in Kalifornistan either, nor back in Florida.

    I can certainly understand the airlines wanting to be careful with alcohols, though. I would almost wager that the average person does not even think about it when they purchase/carry them.

  7. Like you’ve ever been to a shooting range in your life…

    Like I have, Tammykins.

    Heck, a couple of years ago there was a well-publicized incident where a couple of Chicago Bears got snot-slinging drunk at a shooting range and ended up in a melee. Some gun clubs/ranges actually have bars on the premises.

    The fact is most shooters like a couple snorts before going off and pretending they’re Bruce Willis.

  8. I also neglected to mention this self-proclaimed gun loon:

    I dropped acid and I picked up my pistol.

    On the way to the range, driving my ’72 Chevelle amid herding soccer-moms and the occasional blind cop, I actually thought about Janet Reno and Barry McCaffrey. I laughed out loud when I did, and hoped they would each feel an inexplicable shudder run up and down their bent spines, right at the very moment when everything they fear was far beyond their control.

    I checked in at the range and was about to pick a lane when something really neat caught my eye. It was a Taurus model 99 slung on the hip of a US marshal who was loading magazines. Nice gun. Being god, and with nothing to fear, I casually ambled over to the guy, tapped him on the shoulder, and admired his weapon. He looked me right in the eye with his warm Hispanic way, and we immediately started wasting expensive time at comparing his 99 to my 92FS. “Same basic design–Yeah, it’s got the same locking block under the barrel–But I don’t like the rolling safety on yours–Well, I know it can take some getting used to–”

    Gear-heads admiring machines. Sarah Brady should have been there, but I guess it’s just as well she wasn’t. After all, neither of us needed her or anyone else to tell us why we “need” these kinds of guns.

  9. Third, has it nailed. It was done by “Only Ones” and their celebrity guests in a venue where citizens are not allowed to possess guns.

    Not something any of the rest of us would or could do. Of course, nobody expected JG to be honest, did they? When has he ever exhibited integrity?

  10. Hey, I called it in “liquored up posting” that JG would start making claims that most gun owners are alcoholics and now he does.
    Not even original anymore.

  11. Third’s reading comprehension gets poorer daily; I never claimed all gunowners were alcoholics.

    Although, clearly, some are.

    The fact is a raging alcoholic can become a gun owner. As I demonstrated, an acid dropping druggie can be a gun owner.

  12. Poor butterbar. You also demonstrated that the FBI allows professional football players to drink. Of course you didn’t mention that part. Any proof of your claim that “most shooters like a couple of snorts etc. “? No? Didn’t think so.

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