I’ll just borrow ideas from Uncle:

  1. I’ve never bungee jumped, but I’ve seen Rockey Horror Picture show two times.  Last time I went, there were two hot chicks making out in the theater in front of me.  I might have watched that more intently than the show.
  2. I don’t own a lot of guns by some people’s standards, but probably more than Uncle or Bitter.
  3. My legal name is 100% Irish
  4. I got my wisdom teeth removed last fall.  Dry socket was the worst pain I’ve ever had.  The narcotics were good though.
  5. My liver is 50% Irish and 50% German
  6. I could pretty much repeat Uncle’s line for this one, except I lack a graduate degree.  And my grandmother did graduate from high school.
  7. Bitter has not yet asked me to marry her, but she’s been looking at wedding stuff all weekend. (she’s putting together a post on the wedding industry)
  8. I once shot and killed a bird with a BB gun without meaning to.  It got in between me and the target.

3 thoughts on “Meme”

  1. No… otherwise I would have claimed that I meant to do that :) I was shooting at bottles, or cans or something, and a bunch of birds landed on the lawn. I wasn’t going to let the birds stop me from shooting, so I fired a shot at the bottle, missed, oops. They all took off, except for one bird, who didn’t. I thought it was a dumb bird, but it was a dead bird.

    So it was by accident in that I didn’t intend to hit a bird, but I knew they were there, and that if I pulled a shot, I might hit one.

  2. Dry socket – arrgh, you had to remind me. I tried to do that to the giant turd-lying Canadian Geese, while golfing. They’re pretty resistant to my shots.

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