Ratted Out By a Six Year Old

In my five years of being licensed to carry a gun, I’ve never once been “made” or had someone notice that I was carrying a firearm in public.  So today we spent with Bitchy Mom and Bitter’s six year old nephew.   We took him to the Air and Space Museum Annex right next to Dulles first.

Bitter’s sister-in-law is a nutty anti-gun type who doesn’t even let the kid make a gun out of his finger, so we thought his next stop should be the NRA’s National Firearms Museum in Fairfax.   Bitchy Mom thought a nice “pop” gun would be a fine souvenir for him to take him and show mom *grin*.

After we dropped them off so they could head back to Roanoke, he gave Bitter a big hug goodbye, and then came over to hug his new uncle.  I wasn’t expecting what was coming next:

“Why do you have a gun in your pocket?”

I look around nervously to make sure no one from the nearby wedding party was around to hear that.  I had my Makarov at 4:00 in a leather holster, with an unbuttoned button up shirt covering it.  Does a great job of concealment from people looking at it straight on.  Not so good a job from someone of rather short stature who’s looking up at you.   I’ll have to remember to untuck the t-shirt next time children are about, or I’m packing at a midget convention.

“I keep it in my pocket so I can get to it if I need it”

I was hoping that would be enough to answer the question.

“Why do you have a gun in your pocket?”, he asked again.

How do you explain these things to a six year old?  There wasn’t time anyway.   Earlier we had seen the Enola Gay, the B29 that dropped the atomic bomb over Hiroshima.  It was a special B29, but also something you can’t really explain to a six year old.

The funny thing is, I was embarrassed that I had been “made”.   Maybe I should suggest to Michael Nutter, you don’t need the whole “stop and frisk”.  Just get some six year old to go up to gang banger looking types and give them a hug.  “Have you hugged a drug dealer today?”  It’s the kind of touchy-feely crap that’s right up their alley!

5 thoughts on “Ratted Out By a Six Year Old”

  1. Considering a six year old is easy to trick, you could have just distracted him. Bribe him with some candy or food or something.

  2. I agree with Bitchy Mom on this one. This kid would only ask more questions and probably wonder about it more, knowing that you were trying to buy him off.

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