Zombies Jumped the Shark?

Uncle thinks it’s happening. I agree. I’m noticing local teenagers putting “Zombie Response Team” on their cars. When your phenomena becomes popular among the high school geek population, who’ve probably never seen a gun that wasn’t in a video game, I’d say it’s over the shark pretty soon, if not already.

10 thoughts on “Zombies Jumped the Shark?”

  1. Well, there *is* an offshoot of PAFOA with their own web site and forum called the PAZRT – PA Zombie Response Team.

    1. pazrt is quite a crew, the looks of some of them makes me wonder if they are a collection of zombies.

  2. Pop-zombies have indeed jumped the shark, ironically due to the embrace of the pop-zombie meme by the real zombies.

  3. Zombies will never go out of style! Besides, zombies are just a metaphor for hordes of urban thug types during periods of civil unrest.

  4. I think you might want to change that to non-geeks. Teenage geeks have been watching bad zombie horror and discussing what to do about zombie uprisings for a long time both in rural and urban areas. The shark jumps when everyone else finds it popular. Then it is not cool anymore.

  5. Anything that gets law-abiding youths into anything related to guns is probably a good thing.

  6. There is some computer programmer in India or China right now, working on the must-play video game of the year. If you knew what he was animating, you would know the next big thing.

    I would have guessed flying rainbow unicorns that pissed money and farted renewable energy, but I’m not good at guessing games.

  7. God, this makes me feel old. I just don’t get it (and I’ve tried).

    Old-school shooter. Old-school journalist. Unrepentant, too.

    Love you and Bitter, though.

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