Victory for 2nd Amendment Rights in IL?

It seems to me that this is more of a case of a victory for following the friggin law.  It’s perfectly legal to carry an unloaded firearm in Illinois on your person, except in Chicago, where handguns are illegal.  Unloaded, under Illinois law, meaning no round in the chamber, or no loaded magazine in the gun.  I’ll call it a victory for the second amendment in Illinois if Chicago gets its oh so effective gun ban thrown out.

4 thoughts on “Victory for 2nd Amendment Rights in IL?”

  1. Meh, being able to actually carry in a state like IL seems like at least a small victory to me, even if you have to keep the mag separate.

  2. Illinois law has always been that way. This is a case of the authorities in that jurisdiction not caring about what the law actually is. It’s a victory for the law, that is for sure. But not for the second amendment, which governments in IL routinely crap on with impunity.

  3. In a liberal state like Illinois its going to take baby steps to regain their rights back. This just happens to be one of them. So,good for them and keep the good fight.

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