Yay for Tolls

Today Ed Rendell is on a roll:

The bill – HB1590 – earmarks about $950 million annually for roads, bridges and mass transit. The money would come from sources that include boosting tolls on the Pennsylvania Turnpike by 25 percent in 2009 and increasing the toll rate by 3 percent each year thereafter. It also would allow I-80 to become a toll road.

Rendell said the plan represents “by far the most significant amount of money devoted to transportation needs in the history of the commonwealth” and should put roads and transit in good shape for the next 15 to 20 years.

Supporters say tolling along the 313-mile, east-west route would be set up to eliminate or minimize fees for local drivers by building collection sites at New Jersey and Ohio borders. However, the bill doesn’t specify how that would work.

When Ed Rendell was elected, he said:

We are the second oldest state in the Union because too many of our young people are leaving Pennsylvania. They are leaving Pennsylvania behind for opportunities elsewhere.

And he vowed to change that. Well, Ed, I’m a young person by most people’s definition, and I’m seriously considering leaving the Pennsylvania, where I have lived all my life, for a southern or southwestern state, because you can’t stop raising taxes and trying to take away my personal liberties.

3 thoughts on “Yay for Tolls”

  1. Hey, I came across your blog and see that you are about as thrilled with Rendell as I am. I am starting a site and was just wondering if I could link to your blog in my affiliates page. I think you have an interesting take on some of the latest news and people who come to my site would enjoy reading it as much as I do. Please let me know, and if you want to check out my site the address is above, note that it isn’t 100% done yet, still a work in progress ;-)


  2. Hi Angela. Sure, you can link. I don’t mind at all. I’m a gun blogger normally, though. Bashing Ed Rendell is mostly just a side hobby.

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