Don’t Let This Happen to You

New Hampshire guy somehow managed to leave his loaded carry piece on a bench in a restaurant.  His license was pulled and he’s stuck with a reckless endangerment charge.   Even more embarrassing, the media picked up his mug shot.

Remember as license holders that the media is looking for reasons to paint us as dangerous an irresponsible.  We need to be careful not to give them any stories like this.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Let This Happen to You”

  1. Gee, you mean his name wasn’t ” wasn’t released and he is on paid leave pending investigation wherein he will be declared innocent of wrongdoing”. Just like the cops, we must hold this guy to the same high standard. uh huh!

  2. Uhm, I think we need to be careful not to leave loaded firearms on benches because it is dangerous and irresponsible, not because the media will portray it as such.

    We need to be careful not to let our guns fall into the wrong hands, the media should be our secondary concern.

  3. I understand that and agree, but media coverage should be a secondary concern to the real-world results of this sort of carelessness, like a murder with the lost weapon (which of course would be covered by the media in any case).

    An entry like this in itself does not bolster our image, it makes us look more concerned with how we appear to others than the actual dangers of irresponsibility.

    The Antis are reading, after all.

  4. P.S. What I mean to say is, step outside who you are and instead imagine yourself as someone like …. oh, Robyn Ringler …. and read your entry through their eyes.

  5. I agree that one should always maintain control of his gun. It is, as you have pointed out, a safety issue.

    So why, is it not a safety issue when a cop does it? Media-wise, of course?

    In our society today, perception is far more important than reality. That is about as pitiful as a society can get before it fails, but nonetheless it is true of us today. Since media has a huge impact on perception and they are opposed to liberty Sebastian is correct that we don’t need the attention a stupid act like this causes.

    Same situation, but with an official actor state sponsored actor and the emphasis and outcome is entirely different. Because perception is more important than reality in our society. We have become too weakminded to survive long in our present numbers.

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