Craig’s List Killer’s Gun

Turns out the Craig’s List Killer bought his gun with fake ID in New Hampshire.  Not much you can do about criminals willing to go to such lengths.  Only problem for the dealer was that the fake ID was a New York driver’s license:

Concord attorney Evan Nappen recently wrote a book called “New Hampshire Gun, Knife and Weapon Law.” He said that while local dealers are required to only sell to New Hampshire residents, one section of federal law does allow for a purchase with an out-of-state picture identification, as long as that person can prove dual residency, meaning that they physically live at the local address for some period of time.

“Some of the things that could go to that is showing proof of residency, like a utility bill, and then you may have deeds, etc., whatever is going to meet that standard,” Nappen said.

If the Craig’s List Killer didn’t show such proof, if the dealer only gets his license yanked, he can count his lucky stars.  I’m going to bet whoever sold him the gun is going to end up indicted on federal charges, however.

Do the anti-gun people still want to argue that guns are unregulated?

4 thoughts on “Craig’s List Killer’s Gun”

  1. What a silly question. You simply need to remember that they think in terms of prior restraint. To these idiots, consequences for lawbreakers are not enough; we need absolute, 100%, punctilious assurance that no one that has, will, or even can do something wrong ever gets a firearm.

    So of course they will still argue it’s not regulated.

  2. The prohibition on of out of state handgun purchases is an infringement with no merit.

  3. Unfortunately, this a-hole bought from from a reputable gun shop. I’ve bought several pistols and rifles from this particular shop, it’s a small family owned business, and the guys don’t take shortcuts or let regulations slide. One of the employees is a former NH chief of police, I know that they know what they’re doing when it comes to NICs checks etc.

    It would be a loss to all of us in the local gunnie community if the BATFE drops the hammer on them

  4. Steve,

    All that being the case then, they should be okay… One must assume, based on your statement that the perp provided the local residency evidence….


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