She’s All About the 60s

Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer apparently think a million of my tax dollars are well spent on a museum dedicated to Woodstock:

$1 million for the Museum at Bethel Woods, which is dedicated to recreating the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival experience and will feature “An interpretation of the 1969 Woodstock Music & Arts Fair” exhibit in 2008, according to the museum’s website. The earmark is at the request of New York Senators Hillary Clinton and Charles Schumer.

One of the sad disappointments that associated with the advances in medical science, is that the Baby Boomers are going to be with us a long time, and will have many more years to impose this self-absorbed crap on younger taxpayers as they start hitting their retirement years. If aging hippies want a museum dedicated to Woodstock, they can have a friggin bake sale, and raise the money themselves.

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  1. So does this mean when Sebastian and my generation is running things, we can use our tax dollars to build a shrine/museum/place of worship dedicated to Kurt Cobain?

  2. Why wait? Based on some of the earmarks listed in the bill, you could start collecting federal dollars now for it to be unveiled on the 25th anniversary of his death.

  3. …what the ever-loving fuck?

    Okay, from what I’ve seen, here’s a rundown of Woodstock ’69:

    -There were lots of drugs
    -There was good music and bad music
    -Lots of people had sex and rolled around naked in the mud

    Can I have my million dollars now?

  4. “Those who don’t remember the ’60s are doomed to be envious”. Huh uh! Those who remember the 60’s did it wrong.

    I am slightly too old to be a boomer, but I do agree with those that bemoan and resent the advantage us old bastards are taking, simply because we have the votes to make a politician pee his pants (or her panties) as the case may be. If our fathers were the greatest generation, then we must, far and away, be the most disappointing generation to the preceding one in all of history.

  5. Well…. Woodstock was pivotal in many ways. I guess Kurt Corbain was as well (I personally never really got into Nirvana. I was too busy listening to country music at that point.)

    There was an interesting article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about Def Leppard that mentions Woodstock in perhaps the same vein.

    *grumbles about not being able to go to the concert* :)

  6. Yeah, that’s all we need – another monument to “The Woodstock Generation’s” drug induced stupidity and artificially inflated egoes.

    What is it? The animistic morals exhibited, the horrible influence on younger people, the legacy of disease and drugs – is that what they are so proud of? I’m not surprised.

    Personally, when I was in Vietnam and heard of all this crap I went ballistic. It only emboldened the useless ‘Hippies’ and brought their military-hatred forward in the draftees. ‘PROTEST’ was their purpose, not doing their jobs (i.e.staying alive and doing their duty). A few pulled their weight and then some, but they were very rare; for the most part they were known as ‘Shit-Birds’, and for good reason.

    The shit-birds (the worthless draftees who DIDN’T PULL THEIR WEIGHT were in the majority. They were a complete waste of money, time, uniforms and flesh; they didn’t want to be there and only fouled up the works for those of us trying to do our jobs. It’s funny, when the draft was over, the protesters vanished. That is a testimony of those cowards – THAT is their REAL legacy. Not museums and monuments to themselves.

    Now Hitlery wants to take more tax money to spend on more of her pure crap!!! But, that is just what democrats do, spend other people’s money, generate hate and discontent and stir up shit for their own personal gratification. They are pleased to have hurt others, like me. I was beaten to a pulp by a bunch of ‘flower-children’ and ‘Peaceful People’ simply for wearing my dress white uniform on the streets of San Francisco coming from the USO. My friend was knocked out with a 2×4.

    Yeah, they tried to beat peace, love and joy into us.

    I know the Woodstockers are proud of what they have become in life. But at what price to our nation. How many of them have looked back and felt sorry for what they were and what they may have done. Probably only a few reflected back in earnest; the rest are so ego driven that they will NEVER see the facts as the rest of us see them.
    I’m not going to apologize when I say that (in general) I hate the bastards. But who cares? Just give them money and that takes care of their pride, they have NO self respect nor respect for the rest of “US”

    And so to them, I say: GO TO HELL! All of you!!!

    Stewart Winslow
    (CW-4) Boatswain & Gunnery Specialist
    10 yrs USN (trained and worked with USMC)
    Naval Advisory Group – Vietnam ’65, ’66 -67, ’71, ’72, off coast ’73

    3 yrs US ARMY Reserve – 1 yr active
    4 US AIR FORCE Reserve
    DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) – 15 yrs

  7. Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer apparently think a million of my tax dollars are well spent on a museum dedicated to Woodstock

    acually that would be about 1 millionth of a penny of YOUR tax dollars.

  8. And so to them, I say: GO TO HELL! All of you!!!

    Suck my dick, veteran!

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