ATF Court Smackdowns

SayUncle has a good post up about the ATF getting smacked down by federal courts over the “one a machine gun always a machine gun” and their AOW regulations. What do to?

Well, probably not much. It would help, I think, if we had a President who was interested in getting the various federal bureaucracies, including the ATF, under control. I think, though, that there’s been too much proliferation of federal law enforcement in general, and it would be beneficial to eliminate some of them. As I’ve said before, if I were dictator for a day, I’d eliminate the ATF, FBI, and Secret Service and roll their functions and agents into the Marshall service.

I don’t think this would automatically solve problems, but it would present the opportunity to get some new leadership into the bureaucracy, which hopefully would effect change in the long run.

2 Responses to “ATF Court Smackdowns”

  1. straightarrow says:

    You’re right about it not solving the problems, not in the short or long run as you presented it.

    I am assuming, since you have always been sensible, but often wrong [read; when you disagree with me :)], kidding! that you are assuming a complete or at least hefty change in personnel as the agent of change. If so, then I agree with you completely, provided there is a harsh downside for the hierarchy of the corrupt agencies and their minions who do their bidding.

    That is not a vengeance thing, but a deterrent to others just like them who would replace them if there is no penalty for having done it wrongly. As law enforcement stands today, it attracts all the wrong type of people. Not all of them are the wrong type, but the majority are. Just look at the next “internal investigation” exonerating an obviously murderous cop. That cop isn’t the real problem, it is all the ones that give him a pass.

  2. Sebastian says:

    Well, it definitely wouldn’t solve problems if you kept the same people. I would be willing to move agents over, but I would put in charge of the consolidated agencies people who would keep them focused on legitimate law enforcement efforts rather than harassment. Agents that got out of line would be dealt with.