New News on UN Small Arms Treaty?

Dave Hardy picks up on an old story about the UN Arms Treaty. There was some buzz about this more recently due to a Washington Times article, but I haven’t been able to find anything new the Administration has said about this treaty. This might not be a tiger the Obama Administration wants to try to ride, because there’s a lot of information, some true, some exaggerated, making its way around to people. In the two gun shows we’ve worked, people have mentioned the treaty, and they are angry about it.

A lot of these stories are floating around in the boomersphere. What’s the boomersphere? It has to do with how various generations communicate. Younger people, notably those under thirty, are adept at using social networking such as Twitter and Facebook. GenX and late Baby Boomers do the blog thing, and often the forum thing. The earlier Baby Boomers, the ones in their sixties now, use e-mail chains to spread information. These e-mail chains I have dubbed the “Boomersphere.” While Baby Boomers seem to have poor Internet filters (half the things you read on the Internet are BS, and not to knock ‘Boomers, but the default seems to be to continue the e-mail chain rather than question in information within) the e-mail chains are remarkably effective at spreading information far and wide and getting people fired up. Now if only we can figure out a way to get them fired up over things that are actually true. The UN Treaty is potentially hazardous enough to lawful gun ownership there’s no exaggeration or deception required. It’s bad enough on its own.

4 thoughts on “New News on UN Small Arms Treaty?”

  1. That’s a pretty good breakdown of how the Internet gets used – at least between me (Gen X), my parents, in laws and sister in law (Bommersphere) and my assistant and law clerk: social media fiends. Though I do do facebook.

    But it’s amazing how much crap retired people 1) believe and 2) forward.

  2. The treaty is still being drafted. No one has signed because it is not ready yet. No doubt in my mind Obama will sign it. The question is will the Senate ratify it?

  3. Interesting that over the weekend, a purported NRA member called soliciting donations based on the potential passage of this treaty.

    I declined, because it doesn’t seem to be the most imminent of theats and I am hoarding cash about now.

    Now, NRA is smarter than that, aren’t they?

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