12-Year-Old Girls Rock…

Heh, bet I made you double check the byline with that title.

But seriously, 12-year-old girls are making waves in hunting this month. One in Oregon snagged a (literally) once-in-a-lifetime mountain goat tag. She not only went out, bagged her animal, but the goat is likely to take the record for the third largest one ever taken in the Beaver State. Her 150-yard shot was filmed by The Outdoor Channel for air in March. She took 4 shots, 2 missed. Did I mention that since her dad broke her scope on her rifle, she was using his rifle for the very first time? That’s impressive for a gun she had never fired.

Meanwhile a Minnesota pre-teen takes the record for the youngest hunter in the state to harvest a moose. This 12-year-old managed to take her moose at 75 yards with just one shot. She was shooting her own rifle that dad bought her when she got her rare tag. Even better? Dad is a taxidermist and he will be mounting the full moose that had a 58-inch antler spread.

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  1. I recall that a couple of years ago that a child under 10 bagged the first black bear in MD when the season was opened.

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