E-Postal Results

Sailorcurt has the e-postal results up.  Looks like I managed to beat Ahab.  I forgot about tie breaking rules!   I am quite happy with my placement.   This is the kind of shooting I practice most often, so when we return to precision shooting, I’ll probably fall back down in the ranking again.

The cool thing about these e-postal matches is that they cover such a wide array of shooting disciplines.  You might suck up the page on one match, and dominate the field on another.   Try the next one out.  It doesn’t matter how good or bad you are, because you’ll get better.  I’m finding it’s getting me to the range a lot more, which is improving my shooting quite a bit over what it was four months ago.

Hopefully the next one will allow me to go back to .22LR, because I blew through a few hundred rounds of 9mm (not cheap these days) practicing up on double taps before heading to the range this Monday to shoot the submitted targets.

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