That’s Quite a lot of Ammonium Nitrate

It’s a good thing Joe has a license form the ATF, because that’s enough fertilizer to get anyone on a terrorist watch list!

Also, Joe’s daughter is smoking hot too, which makes me feel old, when I realize that she was probably not even in kindergarten when I graduated from high school :)   The one thing I really hated about turning 30 was realizing that most college chicks would think of me as an old guy.

Good thing Bitter isn’t in college anymore :)

2 thoughts on “That’s Quite a lot of Ammonium Nitrate”

  1. It may be a lot for making explosives on an occasional basis but when I was on the farm I remember ordering 20 tons, 40,000 pounds, in one shipment. And we didn’t even have that large of a farm. We tested it, verified it would detonate, and set aside a few hundred pounds for blowing stumps. No big deal.

    My previous purchase in 2005 for Boomershoot was from the local farm supply warehouse and had I shown up a couple of months earlier I could have pulled up in my truck and had them fill it with 15,000 pounds. There would have been no questions asked–other than, “When’s the next shoot?” and the only paperwork would have been a receipt for my check. This time was much different.

    Things have changed a lot… :-(

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