Thugs Who Kill Cops

This is a really good read about cop killers. I think it makes sense, that ones that actually successfully kill cops are decent marksmen. Police typically wear body armor, so these guys need to make head shots, and have their tactics down.

Is the study just on cop killers or any criminals that take a shot at cops? Otherwise it doesn’t take into account the number of crooks who shoot it out with the police and end up in the morgue.

The really funny thing is, as I was reading the parts about the behaviors of criminals who are carrying weapons, I found myself thinking “Yeah, I do that too”. Of course, I use a holster, but I do find myself checking my shirt when I change positions, and probably do wear too much clothing in hot weather. I’ve never handed a weapon off to Bitter though, but she has handed one off to me :)

I guess I’ll have to add Texas Tattler to the blog roll next time I make additions, otherwise, apparently, “Catfish” will come poop on my lawn. Actually, given the current state of my lawn I could use the fertilizer.

Via SayUncle