New Jersey Blames Pennsylvania’s Weak Laws

No, not for guns, for fireworks:

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — New Jersey wants Pennsylvania to help take the bang out of fireworks, but its wishes may fizzle.

New Jersey is among nine states that bans all consumer fireworks, but residents can easily scoot over a Delaware River bridge to the Keystone State to purchase their Roman candles, bottle rockets sparklers, firecrackers and the like.

Of course, Pennsylvania’s fireworks laws are arcane in their own right, as much of any given firework store’s inventory can only be sold to out of state residents.

So a New Jersey Senate committee on Thursday approved a resolution asking neighboring Pennsylvania to revise its state law to make it illegal to sell consumer fireworks to out-of-state residents.

I would like to propose, in response to New Jersey’s request that we help them outlaw fun, that we make fireworks generally legal in The Commonwealth.  That’s legislative action I can agree with!

2 thoughts on “New Jersey Blames Pennsylvania’s Weak Laws”

  1. Ah-ha, but even if Pennsylvania restricts out-of-staters there will still be the problem of straw purchases! They’ll have to use stings to catch dealers!

  2. The “Free State” bans everything except non-colored sparklers, Some of the counties even ban those too.

    So here in Maryland, I always go shooting on the fourth, or on a weekend nearest. It’s a tradition that’s fallen out of favor, but we really ought to bring it back.

    Also, I always try to bring some non-gun friends along too.

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