Pennsylvania’s Fireworks Law Flawed

I agree with the Pocono Record that Pennsylvania’s fireworks laws are flawed.  I agree that it makes no sense that we can sell fireworks to residents of New Jersey but not to our own residents.  But where The Record and I strongly disagree is that the solution ought to be to ban fireworks sales to resident and non-resident alike.   I think the solution is to allow Pennslvania residents to buy fireworks as well.   It is not the proper role of the state to look out after my own well being.   I am an adult, and (I’d like to think) a free man, and I am capable of doing that for myself.

As I said, I think there are justifiable circumstances (such as a very dry climate or season) for banning fireworks, but we’re not currently experiencing any of that.   And even in such circumstances, the law should only address launching, and not possession or sale.