Honk if You Like Gas Lines

Apparently State Representative Tim Solobay (D-Washington County), who either is, at best, looking to score cheap political points off people’s ignorance, or, at worst, has never taken a basic economics course, wants to set up a board for regulating the price of gasoline, just like the one that ensures residents of the Keystone State pay too much for milk.

Dairy farmers are a powerful interest group in the commonwealth, and the state sets minimum prices for milk.  Presumably the gas board would set maximum prices for gas.   Maximum gas prices create shortages, since it will force gas out of the state, where refiners will be able to sell it at a higher profit.

If Representative Solobay manages to bring gas lines to the Keystone State, I’ll be saying a hearty goodbye and screw you, and will move to Arizona.  Seriously, the Democrats here are really starting to scare me.

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