See Fred Run!

From Insty, Fred Thompson says he’ll run.

Politician-turned-actor Fred Thompson plans an unconventional campaign for president using blogs, video posts and other Internet innovations to reach voters repelled by politics-as-usual in both parties, he told USA Today.

Thompson, a former U.S. Senator from Tennessee, has been coy about his intentions with audiences, but made clear in an interview that he plans to run.

It’s really good news for people who don’t like any of the other three clowns currently vying for the nomination. Thompson is a bit more socially conservative than I would like, but as Glenn points out, there’s a lot not to like about Giuliani. Mitt Romney is a political opportunist of the first order. The only other serious candidate, John McCain, doesn’t believe in free speech, and being in the Senate for too long has melted his brain.

So Fred might not be my ideal candidate, but I like his style, and he’s certainly better than the other three. Run him against Hillary, and it’s not even a question. Against Obama, even less of a question. I’ll take him over Richardson too. I like Richardson, but his foreign policy ideas don’t appeal to me.

So Fred it is!

2 thoughts on “See Fred Run!”

  1. I wanted Fred before he even decided to run.

    And the fact Dobson doesn’t really like him doesn’t hurt either.

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